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A new Chinese restaurant is opening in Washington, D.C.

A new Chinese restaurant is opening in Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC—Chinese restaurants and fast food outlets are set to open in the District soon.

The city council voted Monday to approve a restaurant that will be known as Chinese Cantonese Cuisine, and the restaurant is expected to open soon.

It will be open seven days a week, seven days per week, said council member Charles Allen, a member of the Chinese community.

“This restaurant will be an opportunity for people of different backgrounds to meet and eat together,” Allen said.

“We will create an opportunity to meet our neighbors and make a common experience that is fun and comfortable for all.”

Allen is a member, along with council member Mary Cheh, of the Asian-American Chamber of Commerce.

The restaurant is to be named after China’s first Chinatown.

A Chinese restaurant in Washington D.O.C., in 2010.

The Chinese Cantonese Cuisine will have three separate restaurants, including a first-floor restaurant for Chinese and Japanese food, a second-floor Chinese restaurant for Cantoneses and a third-floor Cantonesese restaurant for ethnic Chinese.

The first floor of the restaurant will feature a small selection of Chinese and Asian food, with more Asian options on the third floor, Allen said Monday.

The menu of the restaurants will include Chinese-style stir fried dishes, Cantonesa chicken and a traditional Chinese dish called mai tai.

Cantonesse food is a popular food in China and is served in some Chinese restaurants.

The first restaurant will have a menu of Cantonesean dishes, which include mai-tai, a traditional dish that is often served with pork.

The food is served with a variety of vegetables and seafood, as well as steamed vegetables, chicken, and rice.

Chinese and Asian restaurants will be able to serve more than 100 dishes, Allen added.

He said that the Chinese Cantonse Cuisan will be the first restaurant in the city to serve Cantonesenese food, which is not normally served in Washington.

“Our restaurant will not only serve Cantonsese food but will be a great showcase for the Chinese-American community,” Allen wrote on his Facebook page.

The council voted to approve the project on Monday.

The council is scheduled to discuss the project again Tuesday, when it is expected that the council will vote on whether to extend the permits for the project.

The city also approved a resolution to provide $4 million in funding for the first two restaurants.

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