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Tampines hospital opens as police say they are looking for man in connection with death of man

Tampines hospital opens as police say they are looking for man in connection with death of man

Police have opened a homicide investigation in the south-east Queensland town of Tampine after a man died in hospital on Saturday.

Key points:Police said a 28-year-old man died on Saturday at Tampinem Hospital in Tampino after a fight with another man in the town’s north-westA man has been arrested in connection to the deathA 20-year old man is being questioned by detectives about the attackPolice are treating the death as suspicious and say they want to speak to a man believed to have been involved.

Police were called to the town at about 11:00am on Saturday after reports of a man with a gunshot wound to the head.

A 21-year older man was taken to hospital and later died.

Police have said the shooting was a domestic dispute and a 20- to 21- year old man has now been arrested.

Detective Sergeant David Dutton said the incident was still being investigated and officers would seek to speak with a man they believe to have taken part in the fight.

“We’ve got a 20 year old male that we’re trying to speak specifically to and we’re asking that he come in and assist us with that,” he said.

“At this stage, we’re just trying to gather the information we need from that man and the people that may have been there and the information that we may have received that night.”

Detective Sgt Dutton described the scene as “very tense” and said they were not sure how the fight had escalated.

“It’s a very, very violent environment,” he told ABC Radio TAFE.

“There’s lots of shots being fired, people are screaming.

There’s a lot of blood.

It’s just a very tense situation.”

Det Insp Dutton would not say if the man involved had a history of violence.

“You don’t know what the consequences of a domestic assault is going to be,” he explained.

“In this particular case, it’s not something that’s going to get us off the hook.”

What’s important to understand is that the person who was involved, he’s been charged with the commission of an offence, but at the moment he’s not charged.

“Police have urged anyone with information to come forward and talk to them.

Topics:police,law-crime-and-justice,law,timbuktu,tombstone-5200,tara-welch-5195,welchi-5256,melbourne-3000,vic source Newscom.ae title Man arrested in Tambuul massacre, death of his girlfriend’s mother, suspected of killing police officer in Western Australia article Police say a man has died after a shooting in the city of Tambunul, a town on the Sunshine Coast.

Police say the shooting occurred at Tambinul Hospital about 4:00pm local time.

Emergency crews were called and treated a 20 to 21 year old woman for non-life threatening injuries.

The man was arrested at the scene and is being interviewed by detectives.”

This incident is not in any way related to any other police activity,” Acting Sergeant David Dawson said.

The Tambuinul Police Service has released a statement on Facebook.”

We are assisting local authorities in their investigation.””

This was an isolated incident and there is no threat to the public.

We are assisting local authorities in their investigation.”

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