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Chinese food lovers flock to Bangkok, Bangkok’s western street food show

Chinese food lovers flock to Bangkok, Bangkok’s western street food show

CHINA — Chinese food lovers flocked to Bangkok’s Western Street Food Show on Saturday, as they have in past years, in a bid to taste the local delicacies they crave.

The Western Street Festival, known as WSF, runs from Thursday to Sunday, and offers hundreds of restaurants in the capital and a handful more around the country offering a variety of street food from China.

Many of the stalls in the Bangkok show, known for its colorful displays of Chinese dishes, will also serve dishes that Westerners might not associate with the region.

Chinese dishes in the Western Street show include steamed buns, Chinese fish cakes, fried rice and spicy pork buns.

A vendor selling the buns is known to be from Fujian province, and the bao buns have been served in restaurants in Beijing and Chengdu, China, as well as in Guangzhou, China.

In the past, many Westerners have been reluctant to venture to Bangkok to try some of the dishes at the show, but there are now more tourists and more families coming.

There are also more shops selling Chinese food, such as Chongqing Oriental Bakery, which opened a bakery in Bangkok in September, selling traditional Chinese dishes.

Food items like Chinese fried rice are now being sold at a more premium, with prices going up up on the menus.

“The prices are so high because the prices have gone up so much that many people are willing to pay for the dishes,” said the owner, Liu Jianzhi, who was one of the first Westerners to come to the show in 2019.

The city of Chongqong is a major hub for food imports from China, with more than 40,000 Chinese tourists visiting every year.

More than half of Chongxiang, the capital of central China, is covered in the Chinese flag.

In Bangkok, most of the Westerners who visited on Saturday came from China and the surrounding provinces.

Bangkok is home to more than 100 million Chinese tourists annually, and they have made a pilgrimage to the city to visit some of its famous sights, including the Siam Palace, the Grand Palace, and Mount Siang.

At the Western street food shows, people gather to try out Chinese street food and sample the dishes they find at the stalls.

Last year, about 2,000 people attended the Western food show in Chiang Mai, according to the organisers.

But most people visiting Thailand don’t stay in the country for the festival, preferring to take a chance in the city’s crowded markets, restaurants and shopping centers.

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