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Which foods are westerners really eating?

Which foods are westerners really eating?

Westerners are a big chunk of the world’s population, but they are also the world population that consumes more than a quarter of the food we consume.

The average Westerner consumes more meat, seafood, dairy and eggs per person than the average Indian, Chinese, Japanese or Korean person, according to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Westerners are also far more likely to eat meat than the rest of the global population, according the Food Research and Information Centre (FRIC), a global research and education organisation.

A lot of the meat consumption in the world comes from animal products, mainly cattle and sheep.

This is largely due to the high cost of food production in the West, according FRIC.

The cost of production is higher for beef than for dairy and egg.

Westerners also consume more than two-thirds of the dairy products, as well as nearly half of the egg and half of chicken.

As a result, Westerners spend more money per person on food than any other country, according TOI’s food price index.

This makes Westerners the worlds biggest spenders on food.

Westerners also eat the most calories per person, which is why they are overweight.

Food prices are one reason why people eat more meat.

The FAO estimates that in 2010, the average Western person spent on average $2,097 per year on meat.

A typical Westerner spends on average more than $10,000 a year on food to meet their energy needs.

This includes food items like milk, cheese, cookies and biscuits.

The average Western man spends on an average of $6,900 a year to eat more than 1,500 calories per day, according FoodNavigator, an online resource for food information and purchasing.

More than 90 per cent of Westerners said they were overweight, with nearly half (49 per cent) reporting they were obese, according ToI.

According to the FRIC, Western countries are responsible for a disproportionate amount of environmental pollution, mainly due to land use and pollution.

The United States is the second-biggest consumer of water in the planet after China.

It consumes around 50 per cent more water than China, which has around 35 per cent, according INRIX.

In a report last year, INRIx found that China consumes around half the world water.

Water is also used in agriculture and in manufacturing.

Most of the water used in manufacturing comes from rivers and lakes, according an INRIZ report in 2016.

Families with large households tend to consume more water and are the most likely to consume meat, the Food Policy Institute (FPI) said in its report.

There is no national or international plan for limiting consumption of meat.

In fact, the FAO and FRIC both recommend that Western countries limit their consumption of dairy products to one per cent or less of their total energy intake.

The average person in Western Europe consumes an average 8,000 calories per year, compared to an average person living in China, India or the US, according FPI.

It also suggests that the Western diet has a strong influence on the amount of water we use.

The more meat we eat, the more water we consume, the FPI found.

This article first appeared in the Guardian.

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