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‘Indians have no sense of taste’: ‘Indian cuisine is just Indian food’

‘Indians have no sense of taste’: ‘Indian cuisine is just Indian food’

Indian food is so much more than a foodie obsession.

It’s a cultural and religious tradition.

It can be used as a weapon against an opponent.

And it’s an integral part of the cultural fabric of our country.

So why is it so difficult to get Indian food to mainstream American palates?

Indian food is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse food groups in the world.

There are dozens of Indian restaurants in the US, and many more in Canada, and even in Australia.

But while the rest of the world loves Indian food, we seem to be missing out on it.

Here are five reasons why Indians can’t get the American palate to embrace Indian food: 1.

Indian food has no sense.

Indian food has long been a source of pride and cultural pride for Indian-Americans.

Many Americans have no idea that Indian food originated in India.

The history of Indian food in America goes back thousands of years.

The most famous Indian food of all time, the Sangeeti dish, dates back to the 13th century.

Today, Indian cuisine has been adopted into many other cultures around the world, from Latin America to the Caribbean.


There is a disconnect between what Americans think of Indian cuisine and what we actually eat.

The word Indian is often misused to describe a wide variety of food, but for Indians, it refers to food that is rich in spices and flavour.

Indian cuisine, with its extensive use of spices, has long included many flavours.

But it’s not as simple as saying that Indian cuisine is all spices and none of them are delicious.


Indian-American cuisine is often seen as a staple of Indian-themed restaurants.

Many Indian restaurants, like Mumbai’s Mumbai Kitchen, which has an extensive Indian menu, use Indian cooking methods and ingredients, such as spices and herbs.

But some Indian restaurants do not, and have an emphasis on Western and American cuisine.

For example, the Michelin-starred Indian restaurant, Mumbai Kitchen in New York, is known for using traditional Indian spices like turmeric and curry.


Indian restaurants have a strong presence in popular music.

There’s nothing wrong with having a playlist on your iPod that includes a few tunes from a particular genre, but it’s important to remember that it’s all about music and not food.

If Indian cuisine were to ever gain a mainstream audience, the restaurant scene would suffer.5.

It is a cultural divide.

It would be easy for Indians to get a taste for Indian food from their Indian friends and family, but American diners are more likely to be drawn to Indian food because of their cultural affinity.

A lot of Indian Americans are raised in a conservative culture.

For them, eating Indian food means eating Western food, even if it’s the tastiest food in the house.

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